Customer Service / Terms of warranty

With all of our friendly, and helpful customer service representatives, we have someone to answer all your questions. We have multiple options for customer service.  


Email us at
Call us at our store during business hours M-F 10:00 am- 5:30 pm Tech help for basic issues are (M-F 10:00 am - 2:00 pm), and you will find an agent ready to serve you.


Warranty policy

1.All warranties are supplied by the manufacturer/supplier of the products. We are resellers not manufacturers.

2. We can provide those contacts, however the manufacturer warranty information is shipped with every product we sell. In the event you have an issue we can forward your info to the supplier as a courtesy, but reserve the rights to direct you to the shipped information in your products paperwork.

3. Some products are sourced from other countries and any warranty outside of the suppliers listed policy is outside of our control and is the sole responsibility of the customer and the supplier for repairs. 

4. We only provide assistance on items purchased from our company, and basic support for 30 days from date of receiving the product all other service, repairs are at the sole discretion of the supplier and the written warranty policy in place with the product manufacturer/supplier.

5.Any service provided by our company outside of the supplier/manufacturer warranty will be provided on a courtesy basis but is not a requirement and or a term of your purchase of any product we sell. We reserve the right to refuse courtesy services 30 days from date of product delivery and refer you to the product supplier/manufacturer.